38 weeks! 

I am so happy to say that I’m 38 weeks along now, and my health is better than it was at this point last time. I think it may be at least partly attributable it to my staying so active as I try to stay engaged with my daughter, who is now 2 years and 8 months old. I also think it may be partly due to the placenta and cord placement, which last time was odd in a way that they said just meant some extra monitoring.

Why do I say I’m healthier this time? My blood pressure is still normal and healthy at 110-120 over 60-80, whereas by this point last time my BP had jumped and talk of inductions had begun. Also while I have some swelling, it’s not as bad as last time. Also, though the glucose challenge test was 10 weeks ago now, I’m glad my results were totally normal, whereas last time I was just barely under the cutoff for gestational diabetes. 

So, baby #2 is almost here, and it looks like I will be able to wait for labor to begin on its own. While I’m nervous about the upcoming labor, I’m also feeling stronger and more ready. I’ve pushed myself through so much mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout this pregnancy as I’ve strived to stay present and compassionate with my toddler and to take care of myself as well. The thought of the upcoming labor feels less like I’ve been slowly climbing a rollercoaster peak without being able to see where it ends of what the other side looks like and more like, well, I’m about to reach the final jump combination at the end of a long but satisfying skating program.