So, I’m a big reader. I love to snuggle up with a good book. I read many different books: fiction, science and technology, history, parenting, biography, finance, self-help, and memoirs. I’ve often wanted to keep a list and some comments on the books I read, and I think this blog is a great place to do so. So I’m going to write some blog posts about books, and I’ve created a tag to label them. But I also made this page, so that one can easily see an overview of the books I’ve commented on and read.

Current reading:

The Successful Business Plan, 4th Edition: Secrets and Strategies, by Rhonda Abrams

Read: May-June 2008.

Past readings:

Some of these don’t have active links yet, because I have not yet made a post about them. I’ve listed them here anyhow, as a list of those books that I’ve read and loved.

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