On attachment

My Precious will be 2 months old on Sunday. The 2nd month really flew by! My husband went back to work after 6 weeks off, and today marks the end of our 3rd week with him gone during the day.

I think one of the biggest surprises to me is how quickly that seems to have had an impact on their relationship. Where she spent many cozy hours in his arms before and took a bottle from him pretty readily, now she often fights the bottle feeding and cries until she’s back in my arms. That’s not to say he can’t soothe her but there have been times when it became clear to me that there was something to the idea that what she wanted was to be back in my arms.

Thank goodness he was home with us for the first month to develop a strong bond with her and many lasting memories. I am sure that as time goes on, and we get through the exclusive breastfeeding stage, she will be more and more comforted by him again.

It also worries me because I plan to return to work, part-time, in 4 weeks. So far I’ve left her with a sitter just once for almost 2 hours to go to the doctor. The idea of leaving her with others, strangers at that, for full days is scary, especially seeing as how she is acting when it’s her loving father!

This weekend she will meet her Grandpa (my dad) for the first time, and then next weekend I plan to leave her with my husband while I go ice skating before the rink closes for the season. So that should be several hours and will be a good test for us both.