Cute kitty

So I’m doing really well – taking time to relax and recharge myself so I’ll be ready for a productive 2008.  We got home from our 4 day holiday trip on Wednesday night, and I’m quite glad, among other things, to be back with my kitties.  Fluffy has been particularly needy since I’ve been home – she’s spending lots of time curled up in my lap.  As I type this right now, she is in between my arms in front of the keypad, with her head resting near to my left wrist – so that as I type I jostle her constantly, but she doesn’t seem to mind.  She’s been lying with me all day, and she even got me up from my sleep with her meows outside my door.  I thought she wanted wet food, so I put some in a bowl and proceeded to the bathroom.  When I exited, I saw her sitting outside, waiting for me.  We walked to the kitchen together – and she hadn’t even touched the wet food!  Apparently she needed cuddles from me even more than she wanted wet food!  Considering the types of terrors she visits upon us when she wants wet food, I was pretty touched.  After I held her in my arms for a few moments, then she was ready to get down and eat the food, with me in the kitchen with her, of course.  I just marvel at this bond between myself and this cat, this lovely furry being whom I can’t exactly talk with, but who adores me despite our small interspecies communication.  And she’s so warm and fluffy, it’s always very cozy to hold her.  But the best part is seeing her look content upon resting on me.

Mmmmm….cats.  Definitely one of the pleasures of life.


::Yawn:: Flicka Mawa raises her furry cat head and looks around, stretching her paws out in front of her. A gentle voice-over cues you in to her thoughts.

Well, yesterday’s feeling of “man I’m such a ****head, what have I been doing all semester?!” have receded. Thanks to those of you who commented on yesterday’s post. After speaking with the professor, it seems that pulling the grade up into the C range is quite possible, and I think it sounds like it won’t be so much more work that it’s not worth it. Having dropped the other class, I can spend some more time on the remaining one, in addition to my promise to my advisor to finally analyze some of that data that’s been sitting idly in my computer folders since the semester started. (I have been working on research since then, just not on the projects that are at the data analysis stage.)

I had a good time with the kids this morning – I really love them. Like soft fuzzy heart-warming cuddle love. At this point it’s fair to say they’re both toddlers, as the baby is 14 months now and has been walking really well for a while. He doesn’t really talk yet, but I get the impression he understands a lot and he will repeat after me sometimes, he just hasn’t yet started consistently using the same word/sound to signify that he wants a specific something. Since he’s so mobile, he’s much more likely to just walk over and point or reach his arms up to indicate he wants you to hold him. He gives really cute baby kisses, and it was the sweetest thing yesterday when his older brother (2.75 yrs), dressed in a warm winter jacket and ready to go outside with his momma, said to him “Bye Bud. Kiss?” and stuck his lips out, and the little one toddled over and kissed him. I seriously melted.

So I’m feeling rather tired and I have agreed to do some data analysis this week even though it’s the holiday, and I’m still babysitting a full schedule because the momma needs a break just the same as a full work-week (kids don’t give holidays off!), plus her in-laws are coming for the holiday too. It looks like I myself will be spending the holiday with a bunch of people (perhaps the ~10 people range) only 5 of which I’ve ever met before. The rest aren’t even in-laws but more like in-laws of in-laws…good times. It will be great to see my momma-in-law and some of her family, but I’m not really looking forward to the holiday all that much. One thing I’m kind of missing is that this year none of the planned holidays will have my mom’s food. I think I may need to make some stuff for Husband and I to enjoy at home. I’m thinking maybe a good frozen chocolate mousse pie and some green bean casserole. Yummy.

That was a totally rambling paragraph. The gist of it is that I’m not that excited about the holiday weekend nor do I expect a tremendous amount of extra rest. I’m tired and I’d like to just sleep and play video games with Husband.

Flicka Mawa stretches her paws again. She looks around, walks a bit, and curls up in a ball, folding her soft cat tail up against her paws. With one last glance at you, hey eyelids close and you realize she’s napping.

(Ahhh, if only I were really a cat and just lay around napping all day.)

Home sick

(First, a note.  I swear, I’m still around and hope to post more soon, but as I had imagined, August has been a really busy month.  Hopefully I get back to blogging more in September!)

So today, for no apparent reason, I was sick.  Last night I felt a little feverish when I lay down for bed, and then this morning I thought I was ok until I got on the subway.  It was rush-hour subway travel, and for a portion of the trip we were right behind another train and had to stop and wait before we could move again.  I got all hot and sweaty while the train was waiting underground, but I didn’t think too much of it as I hadn’t eaten anything yet and figured I could just really use some water.  Finally I got to my babysitting job, and I got a glass of water and felt mildly off, but ok.  Later in the morning, baby went down for a nap and I took a nap too.  It was very restless but at the very end I was starting to sleep deeper, and then baby woke and it was time for me to get up.  As I was playing with baby, I started feeling even more sick.  So I ate the cheerios I’d brought with and tried to drink water, but while I managed it for a while, it didn’t get better.  A half hour later I was feeling really nauseous and feverish and I called the mom to tell her that I’d need to head home as soon as she got back, which was fine.  I had about another 15 minutes, and I thought I’d make it ok, but literally just before she got back I went to the bathroom and threw up.  So I came home to nap and rest.  No idea what happened, but I’ve been feeling mildly nauseous for the rest of the day.

On the plus side, I’ve felt very loved by my cat, Fluffy, as she spent pretty much the whole time laying by my side on the bed – sometimes under the covers with me, other times on the pillow by my head.  She really cuddled with me, and her affection makes me so happy to have this lovely cat in my family.  And of course Husband was very kind and took care of me with cuddles and water.

Ahhh, I love my little family. ::purr::


I snapped this picture of my babies yesterday, while they were pawing at each other. It’s like a cat high-five. Isn’t it adorable? It was one of those moments where I was very glad we got another cat to join Fluffy. (I’ve had Fluffy since before I met Husband, and Feisty we added to the family in summer of 2005.)

Nice kitty, bad me

So late last night when I was on my way to bed, I was walking through the living room with the lights out. We live in a NYC apt, so you can imagine it’s not a huge place. I was walking through the narrow space between coffee table and couch, when WHAM! my foot hit my cat, Feisty, the bombay. And boy, is she strong! Sometimes when one trips over a cat, the cat moves and skitters away, and the human regains her balance. But not this time. No, this time the cat didn’t budge, and the human, me, fell down. I fell forward, landing partly on the coffee table, partly on the futon, and partly on the floor. Wow. That kitty didn’t move when my foot walked into her! What a little linebacker.

My knee is all scratched up:

But wow, you should see the other side of the fight! That coffee table didn’t walk away unscathed:

Good morning, good morning

“Good morning, good morning!” (sung as Elaine does in the episode of Seinfeld where she’s all happy because she thinks she’s getting an apartment in Jerry’s building.)

Well, it’s a bright and cheery 7 am. Ok, maybe not that bright yet, I think there may be a few clouds. And maybe I’m not that cheery yet, because I’m emphatically not a morning person. I’m awake, but very sleepy. So why am I up at all, you ask? I am up this early because I am going to babysit. I am watching the baby while momma takes the toddler to a class. I am crazy. I am a night person, like my husband. The both of us, when we have no reason to keep a schedule, naturally begin going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning and getting up in the afternoon. So when I say I’m a night person, I mean I’m literally a nocturnal being if my schedule allows. But I volunteered for this, even including the Wednesday morning part, because I love babies so much. And I crave baby interactions so much. And I don’t regret it at all. I love building a relationship with these kids…they are so cute! And cuddly. And cute! And I just want to snuggle them. And maybe nibble their toes with some chocolate sauce. Mmmmm…..

So here I am, at 7 am, my husband still up from the night before because his schedule has gotten so out of wack. The one good thing about sleeping with him still up in the other room is I get to sleep with my cats again. Husband is a very light sleeper, and we’ve been keeping the cats out of the bedroom most nights, because sometimes they’ll start scratching the mattress or running around and it will wake him. But I love having them sleep on the bed with me so much, I usually let them in even if I’m really tired. Fluffy (not her real name) has lived with me since college, when I illegally kept her in the dorms with me. I met Husband less than a year after adopting Fluffy, and he began sleeping at my dorm with me. Back then we didn’t have a choice of putting the cats out of the bedroom, but also back then Husband wasn’t quite as light of a sleeper. Everynight Fluffy would sleep on the bed next to my legs, and it’s so adorable when she actually sleeps on top of me. I even think it’s cute when she lays on top of my head.

Right now, Fluffy is laying between my arms as I type. She’s learned how to curl up with Husband or I at our computers, how to curl up just right so we can keep working (or playing as it so often is) and she can just nap her cute little kitty head on our arms.

Even with just my cats Fluffy and Feisty, I am sometime so overcome with love and affection that I can barely contain it. Of course, it’s even stronger with my husband, but I can squeeze him really hard or pretend to eat his fingers and that’s all ok. With the cats, I have to hold in check the desire to squeeze their fluffy, cute bodies with my hug, because they’re much smaller and more fragile…plus, they wouldn’t like it. Fluffy loves hugs, but squeezing hugs is another matter.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to keep my desire to squeeze and lick and nibble in check when I have my own babies! Those poor kids are going to be sick of hearing how much I love them and think they are adorable…