We are so in love with our daughter. There are so many things to love!

We love her adorable face, with daddy’s head shape and eyes and my nose and lips, with skin more like daddy’s and hair a mix of the blond he had at birth and the strawberry brown that I had, with this adorable round torso and my long strong legs.

We love her smell and the sounds she makes when she is sleeping or making an effort to get to something (usually food).

We love the way she looks around quietly when she is awake, sharing at the lights or the window or the edge of the dark curtains on the white wall.

We love taking care of her, learning more every day about how to meet her needs and make her comfortable, watching her grow and change even in these early days which are all about sleep time, feeding, and just a little bit of alert time.

We love the way she smiles already, not only in her sleep but also sometimes with her eyes open, signaling she is feeling content and well.

In short, we love her and everything she brings to our very lucky family.


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