I will meet my baby in a day or two!

After my appointment on Monday Hubby and I did some more research on Gestational Hypertension (GH), trying to find out more about the risks for mother and baby and the reasons why doctors would deliver you early because of it. It was easy to find that it is definitely standard practice, but most of the time was not accompanied with much in the way of compelling details as to why this would be better than regular monitoring and induction only if things got worse, which seemed to us to be a logical approach for mild hypertension.

But then we found a thorough study out of the Netherlands called the Hypistat study, which compared induction vs expectant monitoring for mild GH and pre-eclampsia. Surprisingly, it showed that those who got induced not only had lower rates of maternal complications, but also had lower rates of c-sections! Apparently if you have even mild GH and it has time to progress, your body may not be able to handle labor as well, so you are more likely to need an emergency c-section than if you get induced before the GH gets worse or develops into pre-eclampsia. Since fear that it would end in c-section was probably our biggest reason for reluctance to induce, finding this info really called me down.

So on Friday I went in for an ultrasound and everything checked out fine – baby’s fluid levels and movement were normal. Then I went in to the doctor for another check up. My BP was as high as the high ones the week before. I was a little bummed as I guess I’d been going against reason that it would just drop on its own. But the doctor said it was good that it hadn’t risen further.

Then they checked my cervix to see if I was progressing at all on my own. I should mention that while I’ve been uncomfortable for weeks, with cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions, lower back pain, and lots of pressure on my pelvis from baby, I had noticed on Friday a distinct increase in the pressure and the sensation that there really was a baby’s head in my pelvis!

So I was glad to hear that the discomfort had been productive – I was dilated 1/2 cm, 50% effaced, and baby was at -2 station.

I talked through more of the induction process with the doctor. We are scheduled to be at the hospital at 8 am tomorrow, and he said it usually takes about 24 hours from admittance so the baby will most likely be delivered on Thursday, when he is in.

That night Hubby and I talked through it further, and decided that we agree that it is best to go forward with the induction. Since then we have been relaxing and doing final preparation. Today we are so excited, it’s like being a kid the day before Christmas! We will meet our little girl by the end of the week!


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