Baby is due next month!

Now that is December, I can say that my baby girl is due next month!

January 13th is the estimated due date
It’s really coming up soon, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. My belly is really pretty big and it’s hard to imagine we have 6 more weeks of growing to do. I think she’s a pretty strong and active baby, and she’s usually measured slightly on the big side, so I’m feeling pretty confident that she’s healthy enough at this point to do well should she makes her entrance from here on out.

We have one more ultrasound that I’m trying to schedule now for a week from Friday. It’s a growth scan to check on her due to the off center cord placement. My guess is she’ll be over 6 pounds at that scan.

It’s feeling pretty crowded in my belly. She’s already poking me in the ribs and pressing on my bladder. I guess all she has left is to make my belly stick out more!


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