NYC pregnancy in the winter

On Monday I passed the 32 week mark. I’m doing well overall. I’m happy and looking forward to meeting our baby. With less than 2 months left, anxiety about the big life change is finally showing sometimes – but I’m still much more overwhelmingly excited than nervous or worried.

It is getting colder here in the city, and that is making me more comfortable. I think planning this pregnancy with the hope of my third trimester being in the winter really was a good call for me.

It had its amusements though… I keep seeing people with hat, scarf, and gloves and thinking they are way overdoing it. I’ve even been tempted to tease some of them. I have to stop myself and remember that my sense of temperature and my internal warming system is all hyped up. I am still turning on the fan at my desk (best purchase ever even though it arrived towards the end of summer right after the AC at the office was fixed). I generally don’t even close my coat. Sometimes I think I don’t need the coat at all.

I think I am definitely experiencing the world differently than most others right now.

Another observation I’ve may is that the winter layers make it harder to tell I’m pregnant. In September and October I was regularly getting seat offers on the subway, which at the end of a long day at work and with a 35 minute subway rider home, I greatly appreciated. But now, with my husband’s shapeless winter coat on, the actual offer from someone else is rare. And I’ve gotten some annoyed reactions when I aggressively went for an opening. I am over 7 months pregnant and my ride is a half hour or more, I think I deserve a seat thank you very much. But aside from unbuttoning and pulling aside my coat, removing it altogether, I’m not really sure how to make that happen.

The most bittersweet thing about being pregnant in the winter is that I can’t go skating. For the past several years I have loved returning to the ice in the winter when I could make use of the additional surfaces in the city, one of which is a block from my office and free. Now I walk past the skaters on the ice at lunch and cannot join them. It’s for an awesome reason and totally worth it, but I do miss the ice!


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