New 3D pictures of our baby!

On Friday we had our final visit for the research study, at which we got another chance to see our baby girl in 3D.

We were almost at 26 weeks, and based on measurements they estimated her weight to be 1 lb 15 oz, which is the average fetal weight at 27 weeks.

As usual, she moved a lot, but now that it is getting a bit more cramped in there her movements were smaller. Still, in one picture she had her foot up by her face:

Here she is all curled up:

She wasn’t in a good position for us to get a full face view in 3D, but we got some profiles. This one is my favorite:

Doesn’t she look happy? It makes hubby and I quite pleased to think that she is cozy in there.

Finally, we also got an action shot of her yawning:

All those pictures tired her out!

Now that we have these new pictures Hubby and I love to look at them and dream of meeting or daughter. We are so in love with her!


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