Being the lab rat

So last week at my 24 week OB visit I had the glucose screening test, wherr you drink 50 g of sugar and they test how your body metabolizes it in the first hour. If your blood glucose is above 130 or 140 then you have to do a 3 hour glucose tolerance test.

There is diabetes on both sides of my family, so I want surprised when the Dr called and said I’d need to do the extended test. My blood sugar had been 160, which is on the lower assist of the range where you have to do the test. (Above 200 they diagnose gestational diabetes without further testing needed)

So here I am at the hospital blood lab, having fasted since midnight until I finally got in to do the test around noon. I meant to arrive at 8:30 but I overslept and when I got here at 10:30ish the quite a wait. This time they took my fasting level first, then I drank 100 g of sugar (dextrose), and then have had my blood drawn every hour since then. The next draw will be in 15 to 20 minutes and then I finally get to go have a meal!

I’ve been working in the waiting room with wifi. So it hasn’t been the worst thing ever but I’m feeling pretty tired and sluggish and I sure want to eat something.

At least I got to enjoy a new experience while in the waiting room this morning. I was holding my phone and reading with my hand reading on my belly, and baby moved so strongly it made my hand bounce! I still don’t know how to tell a kick from a punch but I guess maybe that was a kick because they are stronger?

We are really looking forward to our final 3D scan on Friday! Another chance to see our little girl moving around!



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