Part time return to work after maternity leave

So I spoke to my boss yesterday, and while some details and final approvals remain, it looks like I should be able to return to work part time after my maternity leave. I am so thrilled and happy and excited!

I feel really lucky because I know not everyone is in a position to make this work. I work in software, doing a typical M-F work week, in a position with lots of meetings and a benefit to face to face interactions (for user interviews). So I want sure if my boss would think it could be done.

I had been planning a transfer to a department with less meetings and less face time, thinking when it was time to have that conversation I would have a better chance there. But I have made myself very valuable for not only the company but the current department. So when my boss offered to hire someone for me to manage and mentor, the other biggest thing I wanted for my career but had been told wouldn’t be available for the foreseeable future in my current, I came back and said that I would love to stay to do that but only if part time is an option. 

Luckily, it seemed like it was an easy answer for him – he’d rather have me part time than not at all. And while it may not be simple to work out, he trusts I can make it work. He said we would come up with a plan and present it to the higher ups but that he doesn’t anticipate a problem.

So now I’m looking at hiring someone to train now who will help cover my maternity leave, having my first baby in January, and coming back on April to a part time job where I get new experience directly training others in my role, picking some of my favorite parts of my job to keep for myself, and working only part time so I can watch my daughter grow at the same time.

I am on cloud nine!


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