Pregnancy experiences: the odd and the fun

I’m just about 24 weeks along now, and I’ve been thinking a bit about some of the pregnancy experiences I’ve been having. Some of them are often talked about, but I think there’s another category: the unusual experiences that make me pause and go, hm, that’s a new experience for sure, or the ones that amaze you even though you knew it might happen.

The odd:

Wearing an empire waist dress and not actually feeling the fabric hit the front of my legs, until I walk and it brushes into my thighs with each step. This feels eerily like being naked down there in public.

Saying excuse me in a crowded NYC area and having people move what they must think is a normal amount, but which still isn’t enough to fit past with my belly. For me this usually results in my squeezing past anyhow and giving them quite the belly brush-by in the process.

After a summer of wearing sandals, putting on flats in the fall only to realize they feel extremely snug and that new shoes must be purchased. When I went to the store to try new shoes on, I found I’d gone up a whole shoe size and from normal to wide! It was hard to believe how much my feet had changed over a few months!

The fun:

Being out of the “is she or isn’t she?” stage. People can pretty much always tell now. Store clerks have wished me luck and coworkers offer me their seats in crowded gatherings. A side effect of this is that I can wear only a tiny fraction of pre-pregnancy clothes – mostly dresses with empire waists and long open front sweaters.

Feeling the baby’s movements with such strength that they distract me when I wasn’t paying attention to my belly sensations at all. I feel like I am more connected to our baby now as I can tell when she is active and guess when she is probably sleeping. Sometimes she seems to be responding to certain sounds or songs or food I’ve eaten. I love this!


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