Halfway Day!

Today I am 20 weeks and 0 days pregnant – halfway through the pregnancy!

I’m starting to feel more distinct movements; what started as flutters now can sometimes feel more clearly like a kick or a jab. It’s still faint enough that I usually only feel it if I am trying to.

Husband and I often lay down with his hand on my belly, and he feels our baby’s movements more regularly now too. I love that he can share in some of the sensations of growing a life! Last night he fell asleep with his hand there. It took me a bit longer to fall asleep, and I felt it so precious that he is building this bond with the baby too.

I was marveling recently that I haven’t felt depression symptoms in months. Instead, I am motivated to get things done and I feel really happy most of the time. It’s wonderful!

We are so thrilled to be bringing a baby into our family and cannot wait to meet her!


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