Learning baby’s gender

I’d been excitedly looking forward to the anatomy scan for so long that when my mom messaged me last week to ask if I was getting excited, my response was “Getting? I’ve been excited for a month!”

On Friday we had the experience I’d been waiting for – another glimpse into the womb, to see our growing baby, and even better for we would learn the gender!

We thought it would probably be a boy, mostly because of the large number of boys in Husband’s family. So we were amazed, and frankly disbelieving at first, when the tech said it’s a girl!

Here’s a side profile of her. Her hand is visible behind her head near her forehead:
Finding out we’re having a girl was a wonderful surprise, and we are so happy. We know we will probably have a boy eventually, but we hadn’t felt our chances of having a girl to be as solid, so we’re thrilled to have one on the way!

She’s a very active girl, and we saw her curl over and grab her toes! Here she is shortly after that, with her head stretching towards her knees:
Then we had the 3D scan, and we saw her suck her thumb while we watched! It was so cute!
On Monday I’ll be 20 weeks along, so I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy. Depending on clothing, I now really look pregnant:

PS – That post about being sidelined? I have de Quervain’s tendinitis, which is in the tendon connecting the thumb to the wrist. I really want it to heal so I’m holding off on typing as much as I can!



4 thoughts on “Learning baby’s gender

    • Hehe thanks! The tech gave us a pic of just the legs, too, saying they were gorgeous long legs. I don’t know what they normally look like at 19 weeks but if the tech thought it worth commenting on, I guess I can allow myself to marvel at them, lol. 🙂

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