16 weeks today!

Well, I’ve made it to 16 weeks. Many of my coworkers know, I’ve had to pack up not only pants but also tops that no longer fit, and I’ve bought a decent amount of maternity clothes. I recently shared the news on Facebook.

The baby is about the size of an avocado from head to bum. One app, having already switched to head to toe, describes the baby as the length of a carrot. Holy crap, is there really a little creature that long inside of me?!

Updates on baby development now include things like, “baby can react to bright lights by turning away” and “baby’s inner ear has developed enough to hear loud sounds.”

It’s been a few weeks, a month even, since I felt the first flutters. I was laying on my stomach (I still felt ok doing that then), and I felt this repeated tapping on the front of my belly. Having read in so many places that you usually wouldn’t feel it yet, especially if this is your first pregnancy, the thought that this was baby flashed through my head only to be written off. But the next time I saw my Dr he described to me what it might feel like and I realized that must have been baby moving. Since then I feel the flutter sensations every few days at night when I lay down for bed.

It all feels very real now!

Not knowing quite when the baby will be able to hear my voice, I’ve started cradling my belly and saying good night to it. It feels a bit silly but I don’t care. It’s our baby in there and I love it already!



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