If I don’t look pregnant to you, do you just see me as fat?

So I’m over 3 months along and it’s clear to hubby and I that I’m showing, as I’ve gone from this:

4 weeks

To this:

14 weeks

This week, for the first time, a coworker noticed my bump and congratulated me. I was very excited!

Yet I have other coworkers, even friends I eat lunch with regularly, who know I’m pregnant but insist I don’t look it.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that these women who think I don’t look it are naturally thin (and less endowed), and the one who did notice without my having told her is a larger lady.

Granted, due to my large bust, if I am wearing a shirt that hangs loosely from the bust line, it is hard to tell what size the belly below may be. But 3 days this week I wore outfits that I felt showed off my new bump, either a lycra top or a dress with a belt or waistline under the breasts.

For example, this:


I can’t help but wonder, does their mental image of me just include so much extra size that they can’t tell the difference? Perhaps all the usual loose tops has made them think I had a belly under those breasts when I didn’t?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually upset about this. I am happy and healthy and my husband and I think I’m beautiful so that’s all that matters to me.

But it has made me think twice of how these other ladies see larger women. Does big bust or hips or waist all equal big round ball to them?


6 thoughts on “If I don’t look pregnant to you, do you just see me as fat?

  1. 1) Woo-hoo!

    2) As a less-well-endowed lady I’d hesitate to ask someone I didn’t know very well if they were pregnant for extra fear that, if they were not, they’d just hear “I thought you were pregnant because you’re rounder than I am anyways.” However, the insisting you don’t look it… misplaced attempt at tact? Cluelessness? I don’t know, you look quite pregnant to me. πŸ™‚

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