I’m in awe, and in love

On Friday, at nearly 12 weeks, we had our second ultrasound. Everything is going great so far. All of my results are normal and healthy. We get the final results of the NT scan screening in 2 weeks, but the ultrasound portion looked good, and I’m not really worried. Feels great to say that, by the way. Pregnancy and me are really getting along. I am just so thrilled and content that many of my usual anxieties and sadness have drifted away. It’s wonderful!

We will be delivering at Columbia Presbyterian, and they invited me to do a research study on first time moms. They are trying to find out what signs during pregnancy may be used to predict pre-term labor risk in women with no pregnancy history. As part of it, we will get 3D images at 12, 20, and 28 weeks.

We had the first ones on Friday. It was magical watching the little one move around. It kept straightening its back and nodding its head with gusto, causing it to bounce off my uterus like it was a trampoline!

A few times she caught a pic of the fetus mid-bounce, with its back straighter, and measured the crown-to-rump length at 5.54 cm (2.18 in). When the little one was more curled up, it measured 5.3 cm (2.08 in). Either way, it’s right on track. It’s amazing to think it was just 1 cm only 4 weeks ago!

I will try to share more of the pics soon, but want to share this one now. It’s my favorite picture from the day:
After looking at that little round head, those little arms, the thick belly and those chunky thighs, I’ve fallen even more in love with our baby-to-be!



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