Starting to show!

On Friday I groggily got up and threw on a loose fitting dress, without really checking to see if I was covering the small belly pooch I’d noticed earlier in the week. Later when I was at work where we have a longer mirror in the bathroom, I looked at myself from the side and was surprised – I felt like, wow, I’m starting to look pregnant enough that people may wonder!

I think I got my first questioning looks from others, like from a pregnant coworker and a guy on the train who made sure to let me have the seat that opened up. I am really surprised because I’m not a small girl and I figured it would take a while to show. I was bracing myself for being in the “fat or pregnant?” stage for a while. With the pregnancy hormones some days I am more bloated than others, so whether I look more pregnant or just larger may vary from day to day I guess. But Friday was definitely more on the pregnant side!

Here’s a pic I took at the office during the day:


I had also been having cramps that felt almost like a period for the first time in weeks, so I read a bit on that and learned that’s its common for the uterus to come out above the pelvic bone around now. Plus my uterus was very tilted and around now they say it’s often righted itself, which I suspect is more “got so big the intestines couldn’t fit on either side, so now there’s no difference” than “flipped to the other side of the intestines.”

So the guides say the uterus comes out from behind the pubic bone at around 12 weeks and I’m not quite 11, but with the cramps and the starting to show I thought maybe its already out.

Wanting to validate my hypothesis, I read up on feeling the uterus. I tried to feel my uterus and fundal height, which is the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, and it seems to be around 14 or 15 cm already! Definitely out of hiding. I read that if the length is equal to your week +/- 4 then it’s normal, and larger girls may get a larger measurement because of tummy fat.

So it seems like all this is normal enough but I feel so surprised!

I’m excited but not sure I’m ready, I thought it’d be my secret at the office and in public for a few more weeks!


2 thoughts on “Starting to show!

  1. Doesn’t look like it’s a secret anymore, friend! Except maybe to those those sorts of people who fail to notice physical changes in others. I have a friend who would have no idea if I dyed my hair purple. But he’s a weirdie. This belly looks lovely, mama!

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