5 weeks today!

Our little seed is somewhere between a sesame seed and an apple seed, depending on the source. It can get a little confusing because some places tell you what will happen over the next week while others tell you what happened last week.

One thing I know for sure is the baby’s heart starts beating right around now. Isn’t that amazing?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

My husband went to his dad’s first to help him out, and he told his dad then. His father, ever the ornery curmudgeon, said “That’s the worst news you could possibly tell me. How are you going to afford it?”

What a jerk!

After that we went to visit my mother-in-law. She’s been in a nursing home over a year now. So we went to visit her together and told her the happy news. She was so excited!

“Ai, que lindo!”

She kept trying to get out of her chair to hug me! We had to remind her she cannot stand. So I said just ask me when you want a hug, I’ll come over and bring it to you! She was so happy about it couldn’t talk about anything else for our whole visit. That was a much better way to end our Mother’s Day.


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