2WW episode 4: The Internets think I am pregnant…

Last night I fell asleep really early – couldn’t keep my eyes open while watching tv around 8 pm. I moved to the bed at 9ish for a “nap” and then never got up until this morning. Took my temp at 7:30 and 8:30 and it was still holding steady at 98 (after a minor dip yesterday, though I’d had to get up early so it wasn’t at the same time).

I don’t dream that often, but this past week I’d been having dreams that I remembered. Last night’s was particularly memorable. I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test, and got a very faint line. And then I told my husband, and a whole excited conversation ensued about how “a line is a line”.

I don’t believe dreams are anything more than random stories from neurons firing in your brain, but I did have this dream on my mind when I groggily fed the cats and then went to the bathroom to take a test with my first morning urine.

I had ordered some cheap First Signal home pregnancy tests on Amazon, so I peed in a cup and dropped 3 droplets of pee into the sample area, thinking how I missed chemistry. Then I looked at my clock and proceeded to weigh myself and do other things rather than stare at it. I looked at it at 4 minutes, saw a strong control line and some dye streaks, and thought “nope”.

So I marked negative in my chart and washed my hands or something. Then I looked at the test again, about 8 minutes from when it started, and there was a super faint line. The test said don’t look after 10 minutes, so this was still in the window. I thought, well, now, what is that. It’s so faint. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I said, this must be an evap line. I even wrote it in my chart notes.

Click on image to vote on whether it's a positive at countdowntopregnancy.com

Taken around 10 minutes.
Click on image to vote on whether it’s a positive at countdowntopregnancy.com

I took some pictures. I put them on Fertility Friend and a handful of people came by to say it looked positive. A squinter. But a BFP. Then more people said the same. Within 10 minutes, they asked? Then it’s not an evap, they said. A few said “hard to tell, test again tomorrow”.

Then I went to the bathroom, and looked at the test again. About 3 hours had passed since I took it. Now it looked like this:

About 3 hours after testing, CD 30, around 11 DPO

Around 3 hours after testing. Click on image to vote on whether it’s a positive at countdowntopregnancy.com

It got darker, and there was more color to the line! It’s faint, but I thought it might be real. My heart started beating fast as Hubby had just woken up and I decided what to say.

I went and gave him a big hug and a kiss. He laid back down in the better. So I went and sat on it. “I’m not sure what to say,” I started, a huge grin on my face. I think I might have gotten a positive pregnancy test this morning! It’s very faint, but there’s a line.” He started grinning like crazy, and I asked if he wanted to see it. He said yes, so I brought the test over and we looked at it together, commenting how it now had some color to it and there was definitely a line there. I explained about evaps, indents, and “a line is a line”. We both agreed it seemed likely it was really a line.

Then I put the updated photos on the polling service at countdowntopregnancy.com, and asked people there as well. Now in all the places I’ve posted, I’m up to about 50 responses, with 48 saying it’s a positive, and 2 saying, not sure! So, those more experienced at reading faint lines than I seem to agree it’s a BFP. One even said that’s exactly what hers looked like with this brand at 11 DPO.

A few minutes later, Hubby started happily laughing. “I just opened this game I was playing – The Simpsons Tapped Out, and guess what I saw? Something I’d told it to do in the game was completed and it gave me this message,” he said. And he handed me his phone, where I saw this:

I can’t believe it! We may have done it! I can’t wait for tomorrow to test again.

What do you guys think?

Your votes welcome:

10 minute pic

3 hour pic


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