Can I keep my sanity during the two week wait? Episode 2

Well here I am, 15 days into my first two week wait. My temperature dropped a few days ago, so I assumed that Aunt Flo was on her way, but she hasn’t shown yet.

Yesterday just to be sure I took another pregnancy test, and it was negative. According to Fertility Friend, by 14 days after ovulation about 80% of pregnancies show on tests. Between that and the temp drop I’m 90% sure we didn’t conceive this cycle.

But then where is my period? I only have one month of data and in that month my luteal phase (the time between ovulation and period) was 12 days. They say an individual woman’s luteal phase doesn’t change much from cycle to cycle, yet here I am at 2 days longer and counting. That’s probably within the normal amount provided it appears soon, but of course I am not relaxed about it – instead I am regularly checking my charts against each other to see if I remembered something wrong, or if there’s a pattern. I am also now wondering if the other likely O day was the real one, and I’m actually at 13 instead of 15 days past ovulation. And if that’s the case, should I still be confident that the test was a true and final negative?

At this point I hope it shows up soon just to end my confusion!


One thought on “Can I keep my sanity during the two week wait? Episode 2

  1. I remember when I was pregnant I got a negative result on the pregnancy test until two weeks after my period should have happened. I also could never get the ovulation tests to show anything either, even though ultrasounds showed that my ovaries were fine and producing eggs and everything. Hopefully you are not like me, but just wanted to throw that out there. 🙂

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