A book about the dark side of female-male relationships

I recently finished reading what I found to be a riveting book, If I am Missing or Dead, by Janine Latus. It’s an honest, emotional tale of her own marriage and her sister’s relationships. It describes a past in which a 12 year old girl attacked by a middle-aged man is told by her own father to keep quiet or she’ll be labelled a slut, meanwhile her mother sits silently by, afraid to challenge her husband even to console her own daughter. Janine grows up to find herself in a marriage where she never feels good enough, while her sister keeps committing herself to alcoholic and even abusive men.

While the story isn’t all roses and cupcakes, I greatly enjoyed it and would recommend it. There were many scenes that felt familiar, things that I or my mother or friends have experienced. Looking at it all laid out, it helps to explain how intelligent women end up in relationships where they are beaten or emotionally controlled.

If you or someone you love have dealt with these issues of control and acceptance, then you will enjoy this book!


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