Credit Cards and a Credit-Land Review

I sometimes mention my financial situation or write about something related to personal finances, and on that topic, today I’m going to review a site that I’ve looked at, Credit-Land.

Credit-Land is a website that offers comparisons between credit cards as well as other useful resources relating to credit cards.  You can search and compare different cards based on intro APRs, regular APRs, annual fees, rewards, and more.  So if you are thinking about applying for a credit card, I would recommend comparing the options to determine what really is best for your needs, and the service at Credit-Land can help you with this.

Credit cards are widely used in America today, and I personally have a love-hate relationship with ours…I’ve actually both hid and cut up cards only to order another copy a few months later when I saw no other options for obtaining needed staples like groceries. Unfortunately once said card is back in my possession I find it harder to abstain from using it in situations where I’m tired or hungry and the card offers an easy and quick way to fulfill my needs, be they food, clothing, entertainment, or other such things.  Husband and I both have been doing better at this over the past few months, but not without significant effort on our part.

So you won’t be surprised to know that I was most interested to read the articles available under their “Credit Education” section (in the left-hand Navigation Bar, down a ways).  There are resources there on repairing your credit history, building up your credit history for the first time, choosing a new card, or using a credit card for a balance transfer.

I read some of the articles on repairing your credit history, which is something I’ve researched before but have not yet accomplished for myself.  Despite some minor yet distracting grammatical errors, I found the information there to be helpful.  At least one of the articles even had some ideas that I hadn’t seen, such as using an installment loan to bring your score up.  If you are like me and have dealt with credit issues, you may find it useful or comforting to check out the information in this section.

Meanwhile, many people will find the information and comparisons available at Credit-Land to be useful.  Clicking on the card image below will bring you to the site, so go check it out!


6 thoughts on “Credit Cards and a Credit-Land Review

  1. Great writeup! I do like the Credit-Land site and there is another site that I like a lot as well:

    The site has some great credit card reviews using the Credit-Land technology.

    Thanks and keep up the great blog!

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