Still trudging along

I’ve been so busy, doing so much, over the past few weeks, that I haven’t taken the time to sit down, reflect, and write about it.  It’s been up and down, emotionally. But things are going well, as well as they could be, really, in this economy.  At this point it’s abundantly clear that the economy is in the shitter, and this is of course affecting us as we try and launch a new web company.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t do it.  A handful of strong companies built themselves after the first dot-com bubble burst, and there are things to be said for starting a company in a recessive economy.  The key is to know how to use the economic environment to your advantage.  There are some ways that we can do that – I think chief among them making use of our young, cheap, and agile workers.  Although, of our team members, Husband and I have the most financial burden to worry about, even we don’t have a family to feed, school tuitions to pay, a mortgage, or even a desire to keep up a moderately well-off lifestyle.  So we can run our company in “ultra light” mode and still produce and develop at a rate that would cost older, more developed professionals much more.  I see that as a strength, especially in this environment.  But it’s still an uphill battle.


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