Becoming a businesswoman?

A month or so ago, I wrote about a pitch I was going to that day.  Some of you commented to wish me luck, and I thank you for your kindness.

Generally, all of the people we’ve connected with either in person or over the phone at least want to know more, and some seemed impressed or excited.  But everything is so slow!

Meanwhile, we’re chugging away at development and meeting with more people in an effort to secure financing.  Right now we’re looking for angel investors (wealthy individuals and sometimes groups who often offer smaller investments than venture capital), and we have our next meeting in which we hope to sell shares this weekend.

I’ve been networking – I’m new at this, but I’d say I’m not half bad.  I remember so well when I was very shy as a child, and in my teenage years I spent a lot of time with alternating thoughts going back and forth in my head. But these days, I often feel clear headed, in control, and confident.  I’m also thankful that I

At one networking event I was at, I walked right up to the keynote speaker and introduced myself.  I’m not sure if that was something I would have been able to do 5 years ago, and I’m glad that I’ve gained that skill.

Sometimes recently I’ve felt very anxious, but it is anxiety over the uncertainty of what’s to come.  As I see it, I am choosing to live with that level of uncertainty. I am choosing to live a very cheap life in order to build a small technology company.  I am choosing to do this, in order to have a chance at having my work directly control my own future, and to have my work days directly controlled by me.

In a way, we’re the techie version of the starving artist – we’re the broke young entrepreneurs. He codes through the night and sleeps until the afternoon; I often match his schedule but doing business, management, and finances.  Except rather than being a group of college buddies, we’re a husband and wife team.  Our entire team also includes 4 other great guys, but we connect over the internet from different parts of the country.

Husband and I live and work together, day in and day out.  And I love it! I really truly do, and we get along so well.  We’re crazy best friends, the type that share everything.  We live this way together, cheaply, striving to build a successful internet company while we scrape together enough to pay the bills with a combination of baby sitting money, research consulting for my old PI, loans and help from friends and family, and soon, my part-time skating coach income.  We survive not on ramen noodles but on staples like home cooked meals with basic ingredients like pasta, chicken, and vegetables. I must admit, though, we do eat our share of toaster oven baked pizza – at 2 for $3, it’s $1.50 for a tasty, hot, and easy meal!


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