Obama answers ScienceDebate2008 science questions

You can read all of his answers here.  In my opinion, they’re very detailed and describe plans based on facts and science, recognizing and improving on areas where we are currently weak.  One part in particular stood out to me; it was in response to a question about pandemics and biosecurity:

I will build on America’s unparalleled talent and advantage in STEM fields and the powerful insights into biological systems that are emerging to create new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tests and to manufacture these vital products much more quickly and efficiently than is now possible. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has failed to take full advantage of the Bioshield initiative. Because of the unpredictability of the mode of biological attack, I will stress the need for broad-gauged vaccines and drugs and for more agile and responsive drug development and production systems. This effort will strengthen the U.S. biotech and pharmaceutical industry and create high-wage jobs.

That is right up my alley of skills.  While I’ve never been too excited over the thought of working in industry, I really think I wouldn’t mind one of the jobs created by this initiative!


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