The Competitive Spirit

I’m really enjoying watching the Olympics on I just watched the entire NBC Encore: Men’s Gymnastics Team Finals and it was intense! One of my favorite things about it was the imagery and symbolism that I saw. It was so great to watch some of the performances in which someone really rallied through a high pressure situation and came through above expectation. It made me think of my old days as a competitor and miss the thrill of the competition. I used to love competitions – I think it was the feeling that here you were, going to put it all out there, and show everyone what you’re made of. It’s all eyes on you, a performance, and you have to come through under pressure, and try to enjoy the ride. I miss that.

I will soon start experiencing a different aspect of my favorite sport of figure skating – teaching private basic skills lessons. It will be a little bit new for me in that for the past few years I’d been planning to train to be a judge, but now I’ve decided that at least for now, coaching would be fun. And we could use the steady income – it’s certainly the most I can make so easily for an hour for a self-scheduled part-time gig. Hopefully being around the rink more I’ll have time to practice some on my own and to just enjoy the ice the way I used to. It can be a really comforting place for me, particularly in stressful times.


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