Watching the Olympics Online

The Olympic Games opened today, so I looked up information on watching the olympics online.  My favorite summer olympics event is gymnastics, so that’s what I was looking for first.  You can get pretty comprehensive coverage on, except that it has an aspect I haven’t seen before for watching tv online – the requirement that you subscribe to a TV service which partners with NBColympics.

I don’t subscribe to any tv service, choosing instead to get my video entertainment on the web through major network’s websites and Netflix.  I prefer this, because not only can I watch everything that I care to see, but I can pause them and watch them whenever I want, at a much cheaper price (usually free!) than premium tv service.  We do subscribe to cable internet through our local tv service provider, so I tried typing that in when it asked for provider information, but my local service isn’t a partner.  …so I used the info I had as an undergrad student in the dorms, and that worked fine. Voila! Olympics online tv access.

So, if you want to watch gymnastics video online, go to NBC olympics’ gymnastics page.  I just watched the women’s team preview, and it got me pretty psyched! They’re talking about it being the best team since the Atlanta 1996 team, which I remember well because I was a competitive athlete at the time.  Watching this year’s girls talk about the impact of watching Team USA’s first ever olympic gold in the gymnastics women’s team competition in 1996 really brought back memories.  I can’t wait to watch this year’s team compete!  Go Team USA!


4 thoughts on “Watching the Olympics Online

  1. cool, I wondered where to watch the Olympics without tv but didn’t get around to checking it out.
    I just lied about what kind of tv I get, since I don’t get any. Don’t tell anyone!

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