August brings such joy…

Hot, summer weather…the smell of NY intensifies…the subway stations are stuffy and full of sweaty people, myself one of them…I sweat buckets yesterday and this morning taking care of babies in under or non-air conditioned apartments…got so dehydrated I vomited last night (did a horrible job taking care of myself during a very busy day, and am much better today, thanks)…oh, and I just found out I need a root canal.  Which I have to ask my parents for help to pay for, which I hate.

Fingers crossed that soon…soon, this will be over.  August will end, the hot humid weather will subside, good work on T! will be done, and we will raise our Series A round of funding for the company, which we are currently reincarnating from an LLC to a C-corp (business & tax law – oh so much fun!).  September will bring my 25th birthday, and may it also signal the beginning of Husband and I’s lives as salaried employees of our own company. With health and dental, and vacations, and a flexible schedule, and the feeling that our work makes a difference, and is a creative and fun outlet, and the potential for serious $$$ a few years down the road, and the ability to start paying back our debts…


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