Working on the company

So for the past few months, I’ve been a serious contributor to the work being done on the company, and I thought maybe I’d tell you all more about what I’ve been up to. I always was somewhat involved and my assistance varied, but more recently we formalized my role within the company. I am the Chief Marketing Officer, as well as Manager of Operations and Finance. I work directly with the CEO (my husband) and the COO (a close friend of his), as well as of course interacting with the others on the team. I also have now been directly involved in company conference calls and pitches to investors.

I’ve started a blog for the company which is geared towards investors and people interested in the progress of the company. After the launch, the blog will be made public so that any interested site users can read about the process that created our site. After launch, I will be greatly involved in the community on the site – welcoming new users and commenting on the things they do and share. I’ll be in charge of making sure the atmosphere is friendly and fun, which I am excited about. I’m very versed in web social networks (I was involved in a smaller-scale social campus site called Campus Network before Facebook was launched at a rival school, and joined facebook within months of its launch), and I’ll be using those skills for my job. Cool, right?

Currently, my duties are primarily in business management. I’m putting to use the project and time management skills I learned as an independent researcher. I’ve always been very organized, and now I’m helping my husband and the other company team members to stay on track and reach our goals. My husband says I’ve been a big help in managing the work that’s being done and keeping us moving along at a good pace. Mostly, I’m building our business plan in all its fine details. As a guide, I’ve been using a book used at many b-schools: The Successful Business Plan: Secrets and Strategies, which I’ve found very helpful. Lately I’ve put a lot of thought into standard procedures for the company, such as ways to make sure information flows smoothly between all members. I’m finding that I can apply lessons I learned in lab group management to this. I’m excited to be helping to make the company work smoothly and I’ve been really enjoying my work!

One thing that I’ve been doing that I think utilizes some of the skills I honed as an academic researcher is the market research. While the methods of acquiring data are quite different (I scour the web’s reputable sources, like us economic census data and trade publications for our industries instead of mixing chemicals in a lab), after that it’s very similar. I compile and organize the information, and think about how best to present it. I think about how I might compare data and what stories the information I gather tells us. And then I create the web presentation or write up the document that we will share with our employees and investors.

Alright, back to work! We got a small investment from a investor who is also a family member today, so we can stop running on fumes and focus on work instead of how to get our next meal. Tomorrow, we will be showing him what we’ve done recently, and I’m making a presentation for that. I’m off to make a flow chart of production stages for new features!


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