On a random note

I have been seriously craving an immersive gaming world for weeks, but am worried I’ll lose too many hours to it if I dare touch it. I’m thinking like a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) or a really well-done RPG.  I still have access to Lord of the Rings Online, because I paid for a 3-month subscription at once back before we were shit broke, so maybe I’ll play that…if I dare risk the addictive nature of these games at a time when I’ve got so many important things to do for the company (which I am now Chief Marketing Officer and Manager of Operations and Finance of).  I’m really, really enjoying working hard on the company that Husband started in early 2007, working together towards our dream of having enough success to provide ourselves with fun, self-designed jobs.


4 thoughts on “On a random note

  1. It is funny and completely sucks up time doesn’t it?

    The rage when I was in grad school was Quake multi-player. On days the advisor was out, we would all crowd around the computers taking turns. Ah… the good ole days.


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