So it’s been a few days since my last post and I’ve been thinking about what I might like to post about today.  I considered sharing an article on Ray Kurzweil and the singularity following his appearance at the World Science Festival, or talking about how enthusiastic I am about embracing future technology while I share tidbits from an article on seeing a bright future.  But while these articles are interesting, I don’t have the time to say all that much about them.  I’m busy working on the details of our business plan for our next pitch, and I’m feeling totally crunched for time.  Not because there’s not enough time between now and the pitch, but because too much of that time is already committed to babysitting and being in the lab to train the new undergrads.  The business stuff is going well and it’s all feeling very real – we have an expanded, capable team working hard on bringing everything together.  That’s all I have time to share though for now, so this’ll have to be a short entry.  Until next time!


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