Check out these women in science posters

Check out this poster project site.  You can see thumbnails of the posters and even order some or all of the set for your office or school corridors, so that future students will have visual evidence that you care about and support women in science!

And if you happen to be in the NYC area, you can come and attend the opening celebration and panel for the “Women in Science Poster Project.”  I’m going to try to go!

What: Opening celebration and panel of an exhibition of the poster project.  The panelists will tell personal stories about becoming a scientist and visualizing science.

Where: Columbia Teacher’s College Offit Gallery in the Gottesman Libraries at Columbia University.

When: The opening starts at 6PM on Wednesday June 4th, with a panel discussion to follow at 7:15PM.


2 thoughts on “Check out these women in science posters

  1. Interesting. One of my collaborators is featured in those posters. But she hasn’t been at that research institution for 5 years or so, and she’s got tenure someplace else. i wonder when those posters were made.

  2. Wow. Maybe it’s been a long project and she was one of the first ones to be interviewed? It looks like the project was organized by Pamela Davis Kivelson who appears to be at Princeton. I’m guessing that’s where the PDK comes from in the webpage header.

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