Babies of high BMI mothers have more fat and less muscle

I came across this article today, which I wanted to briefly share. Yet more reason for me to get healthier before we start trying to get pregnant! I am making good progress and so is Husband, so we’re on the right track. Since we joined Traineo (a year ago), I’ve lost 12 pounds and he’s lost 27 pounds! Over a whole year 12pounds may not sound like a lot, but it’s been very easy and sustainable and because of that I’m confident that I can keep it off and continue to lose more!

Anyhow, here’s an excerpt from Reuters’ reporting of the study:

However, infants of the 39 overweight or obese moms had significantly higher percentages of body fat (13.6 vs. 12.5 percent), higher fat mass (448.3 grams vs. 414.1 grams), and lower fat-free mass (3,162.2 grams vs. 3,310.5 grams) than the babies born to the 33 normal-weight women, Fields and his team found.

Gauging babies’ body composition at birth could provide a clearer picture of their health than weight alone, Fields added, but then the question remains as to what should be done if babies are found to have a high percentage of body fat. One possibility, Fields said, would be to encourage their mothers to breastfeed. His own research has demonstrated that formula-fed babies tend to be fatter.


3 thoughts on “Babies of high BMI mothers have more fat and less muscle

  1. Actually, lots of days I just guess or don’t bother on the food, but when I do want an exact info, I use It’s free and they have a great database. Traineo is better for community and motivational support, but if you’re just interested in the organizational tools, fitday is superior. Remarkably this past year over which I’ve lost weight I haven’t been paying nearly as much attention to my exact nutritional intake or exercise goals. I’ve just been trying to use common sense – balanced meals, not overeating except for occasions when I splurge, getting exercise in my way of life – running around and really getting into it with the kids I p/t nanny for, walking everywhere in the city that I can, and playing video games that involve physical activity.

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