April’s Scientiae is up and it’s Cat Wisdom Wednesday

Go check out the April Scientiae at Peggy’s Women in Science blog.  The theme is fools and foolishness.  And for next month, the Scientiae host will be none other than yours truly.  Soon I’ll announce the topic, which I’ve been thinking about.

Also, posting will likely be light in April, as the supernatural beings that live in the skies have conspired to make my qualifying exam and Husband’s first pitches to possible angel investors coincide.  So when I’m not busy studying my butt off for the exam, I’ll be busy listening to husband’s ideas, providing valuable feedback, helping him to create a great pitch, and otherwise calming him and myself down as we plow through the incredibly busy and stressful month that April will surely prove to be.

In honor of the hard work I expect both of us to be doing, I present this week’s quotation, by Maxine Hong Kingston:

The sweat of hard work is not to be displayed. It is much more graceful to appear to be favored by the gods.

Wish us both luck!


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