4.5″ down

I just measured my waist because I’m looking for an 80’s prom dress for a friend’s party and I needed to know my measurements to shop for vintage dresses on ebay. I also happen to have my creative notebook with me, in which I have my measurements written down at various times that I’ve planned a new sewing design. And I’ve lost 4.5″off my waist since the beginning of the year! Sweet!


2 thoughts on “4.5″ down

  1. Sort of. As in…half-heartedly. I’m not going to the gym regularly or eating all health food or on a “diet” or anything, but I’m trying to make small life style changes and small choices that lead to a sustainable amount of weight loss – and so far I think it’s working in that respect. Perhaps most of all, I’ve been busy and tired and never feeling like preparing tasty meals for myself, but I’ve managed to do ok in making that mean eating less rather than the same amount but junk food.

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