…from a severe lack of motivation. Any ideas/tips to still be productive?


5 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. I’m feeling the same way this morning! I keep telling myself I’ll work really hard after lunch. Also, part of me feels like I was super productive last week and I deserve this break. Sorry, no tips here, as I also need help!
    Maybe try the hour one, 10mins off method. Work hard for 60 mins with the promise of doing nothing/anything you want for 10mins.

  2. My trick is that I say “ok, I’ll just work in earnest for 20 minutes (or 30 minutes). If after 20 minutes I’m still not into it, I’ll quit.” Typically, after 20 minutes I’m into whatever I’m working on. But if not, then hey, at least I got 20 minutes worth of work done, so it’s a win-win situation.

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