Numbers tell a story

5 – minutes that I just kneaded pretzel dough for
45 – minutes that I must let it rise for
2.5 – hours I spend in class each week
11 – hours I spend on the subway in an average week
18 – approximate hours I spend while listening to my iPod in an average week
14 – hours straight I slept last Friday night
17 – approximate hours I babysit during the average week
2 – children I watch during aforementioned time
55 – total months old they are, combined
19 – months separating their ages
11 – months I’ve been working with this family
30 – number of times I wiped the wee one’s nose today.  Poor thing, he’s sick!
1 – month since I was awarded my MS degree! Yay!
45 – days until my qualifying exams (gulp)
3.5 – theoretical number of years until I get my PhD (my program sets a five year limit on funding for grad students)
1 – number of years until I think we might be around ready-ish to maybe start trying to conceive (with the huge variable of Husband’s start-up company…)
3.75 – years since I met Husband
17 – months I’ve been married
14 – months since Husband quit his salaried job to build a really awesome (and well-developed) website
3.5 – years since the first time I encouraged Husband to quit a salaried job in order to pursue his dream career path (which he was not on when I met him)
20,000 – dollars our angel investor promised us to start the company with
12,000 – dollars we actually received
5,000 – dollars we need to raise in the very near future
150,000 – estimated dollars we hope to find investors for in the not so far off future
3 – number of cofounders with my Husband
38 – days until Comic Con 2008, at which Husband and I hope we will have a booth, which will be a big step for us as we prepare to launch his website.  Check out the huge list of exhibitors already! It would be an awesome venue in which to start getting people excited about our website (which I won’t describe here but is relevant to the comic industry), which we then hope to pitch to investors (friends and family first, then angel investors).  I have a ton of confidence in Husband’s business plan and the applicable skill set of him and his co-founders (although Husband is the one who came up with the idea and the only one who works on it full-time, at least for now), as well as the amount that the market it’s targeted to is thriving right now, so I really believe this could happen.


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