Fluffy and Feisty

Fluffy is stretched out in such a funny way! And it’s rare for them to lay that close together. They get along ok and are friendly at times, but they aren’t the best of friends. But I do find them both to be soooo adorable!


4 thoughts on “Fluffy and Feisty

  1. I want a kitty! Last week my husband promised for my b-day but I think that is only because he thinks we will be back in home state definitely by October. If we stay in the midwest he will likely revoke his promise.

  2. Luckily, Husband is nearly as crazy about cats as I am. He’s still the sensible one that reigns me in when I have thoughts of bringing home more furry little beings, though. 2 is definitely all we have room for in our NYC apartment.

  3. My husband really loves animals (pets) but his excuse is that we are always at work so he would feel bad that the cat would be home alone. I guess that’s why two are good. Our current rental prefers no pets, but I’m home all day and would love some company.

  4. Well, cats are much better for that situation than dogs. Really they are fine if you’re gone all day, but it’s good to be home with them when you first bring them home, and two is better than one if you are going to leave them alone all day. But seriously, cats sleep so many hours, they will just sleep while you are away.

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