Renewal followed by foolishness

Hehe. Renewal doesn’t really lead to foolishness…not usually. No, what I’m actually talking about is that the new Scientiae is up at Rants of a feminist engineer, and the topic is renewal. Renewal…because it’s the one year anniversary of the inception of Scientiae! And I think that since then, the number of female women in science blogs seems to be grown…at least the number that I know of. The Scientiae carnival was even mentioned in the resources at the back of the book Who’s Afraid of Marie Curie?: The Challenges Facing Women in Science and Technology (which I highly recommend)! Pretty neat, don’t you agree? So head on over and check out the current carnival.

And foolishness? The theme for the April carnival, which will be at Peggy’s Women in Science blog, is fools and foolishness. Check out the call for posts. Hopefully I’ll write one this time, I haven’t submitted to Scientiae in quite a while!


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