It’s been a long day…

And I’m very tired.  I spent a good part of the day at my university’s registrar and financial services office, trying to figure out A)when I’m going to get my stipend, B)Why my student account statement says I’m part-time, and C)When I can register for a class at another NYC university through the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium.  Turns out, not until after my MS is conferred, which doesn’t occur until mid Feb.  That’s when I’m allowed to register for a residence unit and a class at another college – because you need to be a PhD student to do those things (not M.S./PhD track).  Good how that goes through in mid-Feb but registration ends this week, isn’t it?  As it turns out, this doesn’t mean that I can’t register, but merely that it may be a little more paperwork and I have to wait a month after classes have begun.

Well, I could write more – there are lots of things to talk about.  I’m excited my advisor got a grant funded, and we finally get to move into our newly renovated lab space!  But I’m exhausted, and I have to be up early tomorrow to babysit before going to a seminar on a different campus before going to campus to spend some time working on research, all the while not having any money for food or drink nor any normal materials for packing a lunch.  Me?  I’ll be eating pasta out of a plastic bag.  Much better than today, when all I ate from noon to 8 pm was cheerios.

Soooo tired.  Time for early bed, I think.  Goodnight!


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