Happy about Obama’s SC win

I don’t tend to blog about politics nearly as much as I follow it, but I decided this was worth at least mentioning – I’m really really happy about Obama’s SC win!  Early exit polls suggest he secured an overwhelming victory in SC, which is wonderful.  I am quite solidly in his camp – I would love to see a woman president as well and Hillary doesn’t rub me the wrong way as she does some, but I think the Clintons have been playing very dirty, and I have a lot more confidence and hope in Barack Obama to bring the change we need.

Obama Is Seen as Winner in South Carolina – New York Times

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3 thoughts on “Happy about Obama’s SC win

  1. Yeah, Bill Clinton sure seems to be leading it. He’s a masterful politician, but he’s admitted to lying when it’s politically expedient.

    I have no issue with Obama’s lack of POLITICAL experience. He has lots of experiences that most presidential candidates don’t have, and if you look at data from past president’s, experience is not a good indicator of whether or not someone does great things as president. I think we need change and he’s not as jaded of a politician as the Clintons. There was recently an op-ed in the NY Times about experience being a poor indicator of success as President.

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