Safety….or lack thereof

There is now a sign on the outside of our apartment building bearing the symbol of the NYC Police Dept, with a clip-art picture of a cat burglar, warning us that there have been numerous apartment break-ins recently in the area and that tenants should be extra careful and reported any suspicious activity to 911.  We found this sign the day after one of our packages which had been left outside our apartment door (which they are NOT supposed to do) was opened when I found it.  Good thing it happened to be the package with the $10 cake caddy instead of the much more exciting video games that we are expecting to be delivered.  This was not the first time a package had merely been left on our doorstep – even those that require a signature are sometimes merely left outside our door or with a random neighbor whom we’ve never met.  But this was the first time that our suspicion, that this wasn’t safe here, was confirmed.  And then the very next day I see the sign on the building’s door. Lovely.  Perhaps we’d better start looking for some renter’s insurance, so at least we’ll be insured against theft.


4 thoughts on “Safety….or lack thereof

  1. Oh I hate it when they do that. Amazingly, the last Harry Potter book survived a weekend (including the day of release!) on our front doorstep on a main road despite the Amazon packaging being covered in Harry Potter stickers. But we’re still missing one Christmas present from Amazon that my Dad swears should have been there by now. I think someone saw the chance of an extra few dollars for themselves.

  2. Wow, that’s impressive about the HP. We live in an apartment building, and also it’s a walk-up, so I imagine it’s even easier bait than a front doorstep. Back when I lived in suburbia boxes were left on our doorstep and it was never a problem. But here, there are about 15 apartments whose tenants pass by my door every day, and I live in a less than well-off part of town, so it seems like it should be common sense for the delivery guys to not leave packages outside doors!

  3. A thought: post a note requesting that they not leave packages unless you are there to receive them. They should observe it, particularly if you briefly note why you don’t want them to leave unattended boxes.

    Or just get everything delivered to work.

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