Happy New Year!

Things to be happy about as we begin 2008:

  • A small thing that’s making me happy at the moment: Blogger finally changed the feature where you needed to be signed into google to comment on blogs – which made things difficult for me to comment since I had to sign in on my pseudonym and then got logged out of e-mail and calendar and reader under the name the I use for them. Now, I can use my WordPress ID on blogger comments!
  • Husband and I have survived a whole year of him supporting himself/us without a traditional full-time job.
  • We’re not piss-broke right now. We have enough money to eat, and drink, and join people for social outings…although there are still oodles of bills to be paid as well.
  • General health – no major sicknesses, and so far a year and a half since my skin cancer was removed and no new spots of skin cancer…as yet diagnosed anyhow. I do need to go get one checked that’s been bothering me lately.
  • My gym membership will be unfrozen in two weeks and I can start working out there again!
  • Husband and I are looking forward to another year full of love and family and fun and a wonderful, solid, supportive marriage!

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the visit and comment to my blog. It’s always fun to have a new blogger to stalk. 😉

    Great list of thankfuls. And your husband sounds supportive in so many ways. I’ll be back to read more.

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