Quilting and Sewing Projects

So the thing I asked my mom for this holiday was a sewing machine. At the end of this past summer, fed up with the same clothes all the time, totally broke, but always into crafting, I decided to make myself a shirt. I think it was rather clever of me, as I used unopened bedsheets with an embroidered eyelet trim that my MIL had given me but I didn’t want (I’m not into frilly bedsheets, especially not for bed shared with Husband) to make a tie-dye fabric for my shirt. I incorporated the lace into the pattern, and I’m very happy with the result. The thing is, I hand-sewed the shirt, because we don’t have a sewing machine and if I coudn’t afford the $15-20 clothes at Target, I certainly couldn’t afford a sewing machine. It took a bit of a while but I didn’t mind, it was kind of relaxing. I finally finished it (I had left undone about an hour of work for two months) and I want to make more. I also had been looking into quilting, and I decided I’d really like to learn how to do that. In particular, I’m into the patchwork designs that make up the quilt top.

So for Christmas my mom got me a sewing a machine – or rather, she printed out details on the one she promises to get for me, as it didn’t make sense to lug a sewing machine from her home to the Midwest on the plane for me to lug it back to NYC on my plane home. She also got me a book on quilting, which I read through most of on the plane back. So I’m really excited about this! I’ve been thinking of different ideas and what I want to make first. It makes me happy just to think of all the things I can make – purses and bags, eyeglasses cases, table runners, place mats, napkins, pillows, quilts, oven mitts, curtains, ornaments, stuffed animals, long flowing skirts and dresses and shirts in tops in a Bohemian/hippie sort of style, baby quilts and wall-hangings for the newborns various people I know are having/recently had, and the list goes on. I can’t wait to get the machine and start getting acquainted with it! I promise I’ll share pictures here of my various projects.


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