Cute kitty

So I’m doing really well – taking time to relax and recharge myself so I’ll be ready for a productive 2008.  We got home from our 4 day holiday trip on Wednesday night, and I’m quite glad, among other things, to be back with my kitties.  Fluffy has been particularly needy since I’ve been home – she’s spending lots of time curled up in my lap.  As I type this right now, she is in between my arms in front of the keypad, with her head resting near to my left wrist – so that as I type I jostle her constantly, but she doesn’t seem to mind.  She’s been lying with me all day, and she even got me up from my sleep with her meows outside my door.  I thought she wanted wet food, so I put some in a bowl and proceeded to the bathroom.  When I exited, I saw her sitting outside, waiting for me.  We walked to the kitchen together – and she hadn’t even touched the wet food!  Apparently she needed cuddles from me even more than she wanted wet food!  Considering the types of terrors she visits upon us when she wants wet food, I was pretty touched.  After I held her in my arms for a few moments, then she was ready to get down and eat the food, with me in the kitchen with her, of course.  I just marvel at this bond between myself and this cat, this lovely furry being whom I can’t exactly talk with, but who adores me despite our small interspecies communication.  And she’s so warm and fluffy, it’s always very cozy to hold her.  But the best part is seeing her look content upon resting on me.

Mmmmm….cats.  Definitely one of the pleasures of life.


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