::Yawn:: Flicka Mawa raises her furry cat head and looks around, stretching her paws out in front of her. A gentle voice-over cues you in to her thoughts.

Well, yesterday’s feeling of “man I’m such a ****head, what have I been doing all semester?!” have receded. Thanks to those of you who commented on yesterday’s post. After speaking with the professor, it seems that pulling the grade up into the C range is quite possible, and I think it sounds like it won’t be so much more work that it’s not worth it. Having dropped the other class, I can spend some more time on the remaining one, in addition to my promise to my advisor to finally analyze some of that data that’s been sitting idly in my computer folders since the semester started. (I have been working on research since then, just not on the projects that are at the data analysis stage.)

I had a good time with the kids this morning – I really love them. Like soft fuzzy heart-warming cuddle love. At this point it’s fair to say they’re both toddlers, as the baby is 14 months now and has been walking really well for a while. He doesn’t really talk yet, but I get the impression he understands a lot and he will repeat after me sometimes, he just hasn’t yet started consistently using the same word/sound to signify that he wants a specific something. Since he’s so mobile, he’s much more likely to just walk over and point or reach his arms up to indicate he wants you to hold him. He gives really cute baby kisses, and it was the sweetest thing yesterday when his older brother (2.75 yrs), dressed in a warm winter jacket and ready to go outside with his momma, said to him “Bye Bud. Kiss?” and stuck his lips out, and the little one toddled over and kissed him. I seriously melted.

So I’m feeling rather tired and I have agreed to do some data analysis this week even though it’s the holiday, and I’m still babysitting a full schedule because the momma needs a break just the same as a full work-week (kids don’t give holidays off!), plus her in-laws are coming for the holiday too. It looks like I myself will be spending the holiday with a bunch of people (perhaps the ~10 people range) only 5 of which I’ve ever met before. The rest aren’t even in-laws but more like in-laws of in-laws…good times. It will be great to see my momma-in-law and some of her family, but I’m not really looking forward to the holiday all that much. One thing I’m kind of missing is that this year none of the planned holidays will have my mom’s food. I think I may need to make some stuff for Husband and I to enjoy at home. I’m thinking maybe a good frozen chocolate mousse pie and some green bean casserole. Yummy.

That was a totally rambling paragraph. The gist of it is that I’m not that excited about the holiday weekend nor do I expect a tremendous amount of extra rest. I’m tired and I’d like to just sleep and play video games with Husband.

Flicka Mawa stretches her paws again. She looks around, walks a bit, and curls up in a ball, folding her soft cat tail up against her paws. With one last glance at you, hey eyelids close and you realize she’s napping.

(Ahhh, if only I were really a cat and just lay around napping all day.)

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