Internet tv

I recently discovered that Fox has launched it’s own internet tv called Fox on Demand, which includes current season episodes for free. The video player doesn’t get as big as can be done with cbs‘s tv shows, but other than that the streaming works smoothly and the definition is good. It keeps an ad button above the video the whole time, which can be especially annoying if the icon is a bright color. Still, I’m so excited to be able to watch Bones, House, and Family Guy on the internet for free!

My Husband and I don’t get cable tv. We did have it here for a little while, and I found it was easy to just sit around and watch tv. Also, at the time, iTunes was already selling episodes for download for most of my favorite shows. I actually preferred watching them on iTunes, not least because our monitors are better than our tv, so we calculated the comparison cost of downloading the episodes, and decided to cut the cable tv. I really don’t miss it except for when we want to watch sporting events.

Anyhow, last year most of the networks began video players on the web, where you could watch the show for free (with commercials). Many of them have already gone through many iterations, and at this point I think they are all good enough to enjoy watching it on my computer. More and more networks are offering this now, so if you have a favorite show but have never been the type to be home every week to watch it, you should also check these sites out: This video player is the clearest. There are many screen size options, the largest of which is full screen. My favorite feature is that it waits after commercials for you to click on a button, so that if you left to grab something it doesn’t go on without you. Shows I watch: Brothers & Sisters, Samantha Who?, Notes from the Underbelly This video player doesn’t go as big, and on my various computers I get a different amount of choppiness sometimes. Still, the quality is good enough for me to enjoy watching CSI and CSI:NY on it.

And if you have a favorite show on a different network, check out their website! They might have a video player set up as well.


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