Today I’m feeling kind of down.  Not really about anything in particular, but just … meh.  Things are looking up, in general – we got a check for Husband’s work and the money will be available in our bank account on Friday.  Not a whole ton, but enough to be better for a while.  I took my last midterm today, so I don’t have any looming tests.  But really tests aren’t such a focus for me right now, and there is still a project and homework sets and all the different things I want to work on in my research.  Papers to read, data to analyze, people to meet with, some new equipment to learn.  There are so many things to do – so many things to be done – and I just want to lay around and watch tv.  Or curl up in bed and sleep…maybe I should do that soon…it’s getting late and I’m getting up early tomorrow to sit for the kids.


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