It’s dark outside

And I’m getting ready to head out to watch the kiddies.  They are so cute, every day I come home and tell my husband about how much fun I had watching the baby and toddler.

It’s been a rough time for Husband and I – we’ve been very broke.  Not just “we’re not paying some bills and we’re budgeting our weekly groceries broke,” but “oh crap we can’t afford that whole prescription” and “beans and rice, again?” and “I’d come down to campus for the free pizza event, but I can’t find $2 for the subway fare to get there” and “Con Ed we need more time before you shut off the electricity on us, I swear we can pay it next month” kind of broke.  We’ve been in this situation in the past and we’ll be here again in the future, I’m sure, but it is tiring.

Oh well, gotta run!


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